Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that enable designers and stylists to express their creativity with greater freedom and flexibility by integrating typically artisan techniques with industrial injection moulding processes.

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We apply our vast experience to an integrated design process that considers not just a product’s functional and aesthetic specifications but the best production processes, the target sector and all the latest research. We embrace the worlds of injection moulding, overmoulding, micro moulding, rubber, metal, carbon fibre, wood and textiles.


The story of Zero Puro began in 2006 when four young businessmen formed a company with the aim of using artisan materials and techniques to create innovative products. Focusing initially on our region’s three main industries – jewellery, eyewear and footwear – we began to combine different production techniques from each sector, greatly extending our knowledge of specific materials and injection moulding processes.

Our passion for quality, innovation and research soon established us as a reliable supplier to many Italian and international brands. We still focus on innovation and experimentation today in order to offer our customers newer and even more original solutions.

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We develop innovative products using alternative materials and techniques! Thanks to injection moulding, micro moulding and overmoulding.


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We develop innovative solutions that allow designers
and stylists to express their creativity to the full!

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